About Us

We are a team of educators, researchers, game developers, cognitive scientists, and artists who believes in the power of early children education.

Starting our journey in 2017, our story-telling method for teaching math has won several international awards and today is used by over 600,000 children worldwide.


Our mission is to give children the enjoyment of learning.

When you invest in early childhood education, you are investing in your children’s ability to learn.

Every child has the right to become an independent learner. By following our research-based curriculum, children will become bold explorers of new concepts. 

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We teach our children to become…

  • Independent
  • Honest and Good
  • Open-minded

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Teaching Math to Kids

Teaching young children is no easy task, especially when it comes to teaching math. 
With the help of research, we have found that teaching math to children should involve covering the following eight areas.

Attention & Memory (AM)
These executive function skills have an impact on learning new math concepts

Constructional Ability (CA)
CA develops logico-mathematical skills and the ability to understand symbols

Creativity (CR)
CR is non-algorithmic decision making, or the ability to approach problems from a different angle

Discernment (DI)
DI is the ability to differentiate between different shapes and patterns

Logical Reasoning (LR)
LR allows us to make inferences based on premises; without LR, one cannot solve math questions

Mathematical Thinking (MT)
MT is the ability to find underlying patterns from numerical, structural, or logical situations

Spatial Perception (SP)
SP is most involved in geometrical thinking and solving complex math problems

Reaction (RE)
RE is the ability to understand the cue and solve problems quickly and accurately

Traditionally, teaching math to preschool children is limited to numbers, shapes, and sorting. However, what we should really teach is how to think mathematically.

“Mathematics is the poetry of logical ideas.”

Albert Einstein


Besides teaching math, our stories introduce children to topics such as collaboration, equality, courage, and more!


By answering questions, children are challenged to think independently and focus on the task.


Our games are fun to play because they are personalized based on each child's performance in the eight areas.


Parents receive weekly and monthly progress reports through the app to help understand the progress of their children.

our team


Alex Lee

Co Founder and Business Strategist

Scoring a perfect math score on the SAT, GRE, and GMAT, Alex has taught math for over 10 years. A Columbia Business School and Harvard Kennedy School grad, he is guided by his intuition that teaching children can change the world.


Dr. Yurang Park

Biomedical Informatics

Yurang has a PHD in Medical Informatics and is responsible for making sure Doby’s method of learning is scientifically based.  Besides, she probably has the answer to everything that relates to data sciences and clinical trials.


Daniel Cho

Software Developer

Having worked at Samsung and Microsoft for over 17+ years, Daniel is a math wiz and a full-stack developer. If you sit down with Daniel, he will  explain not only how to do something but why to do it a certain way and not the other.