STORIES that engage

DOBY has hundreds of chapters that are engaging and fun! DOBY’s stories are meant to teach children morals and the ability to empathize with others. Because the characters learn new things and grow as individuals, children are inspired to follow suit.

The questions between mini-episodes are: Reaction (RE), Spatial Perception (SP), Mathematical Thinking (MT), Creativity (CR), Discernment (DI), Attention and Memory (AM), Constructional Ability (CA), and Logical Reasoning (LR). The eight categories were selected by experts to aid in the growth of a child’s math ability.


Games at DOBY are meant to teach children in areas they fall behind. For example, if a child shows weakness in Attention and Memory, DOBY presents games for that category. If a child outperforms his or her peers, then more challenging games will appear!

progress reports weekly and monthly

DOBY provides weekly and monthly reports of the child’s progress to show parents how the child is doing. Along with the charts, there will oftentimes be suggestions given to the parent from our in-house doctors on how to improve certain areas of weakness.

*Monthly reports tend to be a more accurate measure of progress than are weekly reports.